Housefire Terms and Conditions


Exhibit must be staffed by the participating artist or artists at all times during event hours. Artists are solely responsible for copyrighting their own work. Artists are responsible for the transportation, insurance, and security of their work. If artists would like to sell their work, it is their responsibility to handle any sales, monies and taxes. Horizon Christian Fellowship, Housefire and its organizers, sponsors, volunteers and affiliates accept no responsibility for loss/accidents/injury/damages. Horizon Christian Fellowship and Housefire retain the right to use photographic images of visual and performing artists, and/or their work, for advertising and promotion purposes only.


I agree to return my space to the same if not better condition.


Horizon Christian Fellowship and Housefire reserves the right to refuse application to anyone for any reason. All decisions are made ultimately at the discretion of Horizon Christian Fellowship. This is an all ages event, so artwork must be all ages appropriate. If artwork or performance of artist does not reflect this application at the time of event, Horizon Christian Fellowship and Housefire reserve the right to refuse to display or give performance time to the artist.